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Post-pandemic Travel and Tourism Market Opportunities

Post-pandemic Recovery As summer comes into full swing, tourism is set to return to pre-pandemic levels. As a result of rebound tourism, a substantial surge in outdoor activities and travel is expected. While domestic travel has been most popular, international travel is predicted to pick up this year with covid restrictions easing. During the months of […]

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Connect to Chinese Consumers from an environmental approach – Learnings from Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023 holds immense significance for brands and consumers alike. As the paramount global environmental event, Earth Day serves as a crucial platform to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding our planet and to motivate individuals to take proactive measures. Particularly for a nation like China, with its vast population and expansive consumer […]

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Women’s Rising Consumer Clout Propels

The Rise of China’s Women Consumers Market In the past few decades, China’s she-economy has undergone astonishing development and growth. According to data from Accenture in 2022, there are nearly 400 million female consumers between the ages of 20 and 60 in China, who control up to 10 trillion RMB in annual consumer spending. This is enough […]

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2023 Xiaohongshu Annual Lifestyle Trends | Embracing Real Life

Xiaohongshu (or Little Red Book) is an important part of the development of Chinese pop culture, which gathers the aspirations of young people towards a better life and has become one of the important representatives of trend culture. Latest reports show that over 69% of users on the platform are under 35 years old (Statista, […]

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How To Make Lunar New Year The Best Opportunities For Your Brand

For Chinese marketing strategies, Lunar New Year is the most important festival of the year. Like Christmas in the Western cultures, Lunar New Year is an important holiday celebrated by people in Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Click here to view our latest video for more interesting facts about […]