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First-Party Audience Data

We help advertisers target Chinese consumers by their browsing interests, affinity groups, and shopping motivations through premium 1st party audience data.

Private Programmatic Network

We help media agencies exclusively target Chinese consumers through our network of premium Chinese publishers, reaching walled garden ad inventories that are not available on the open auction.

Strategy & Insights

We help marketers define and understand their target audience to build Chinese digital marketing plans that work to achieve goals.

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Chinese Marketing

Reach Millions Of Chinese Consumers In The USA & Canada

There is an estimated total of over 10.5 million Chinese consumers in North America, contributing significant spending power to the consumer market in the US and Canada. In this gigantic overseas market, the Chinese demographic is not a single homogenous group. Rather, it can be segmented by dimensions like acculturation, generational status, dialect and cultural heritage.
Chinese Newcomers to North America can be perceived as ‘transplanted consumers’ from the Chinese market, they still heavily retain their media usage habits even when they live in the new country.

Programmatic Advertising Solutions
Programmatic Advertising Solutions
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Eastward Media’s unique programmatic advertising platform taps into a network of private marketplace inventories to target Chinese audiences in the US and Canada through their favorite Chinese websites, mobile apps, and video streaming platforms.

We exclusively access premium walled garden inventories that are not available on the open auction.

Overseas advertisers (not based in China) are unable to participate directly in the Chinese media landscape and must place their buys through authorized partners like Eastward Media. And we are currently the only Chinese Digital marketing agency offering such a comprehensive solution in North America.

With audience targeting from leading first-party data providers, we target consumers by geographic, demographic dimensions, purchase intent, and behavior signals. As advocates for digital transparency, we use industry-leading ad verification, anti-fraud and brand-safety technologies.
Social Media Marketing Solutions
Social Media Marketing Solutions
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Eastward Media also provides comprehensive services in Chinese Social Media Marketing. Our social media team has strong knowledge of WeChat, Weibo, and Little Red Book as well as how to integrate these important elements into your Chinese digital marketing strategies.

Because WeChat, Weibo and Little Red Book are China-based social media platforms, there are special restrictions for brands to participate and earn a verified official account in North America. The complicated registration procedures are usually the biggest obstacles that scare marketers away. Our team steps in to overcome all these hurdles for them and open the door for their Chinese social media marketing initiatives with our expertise in WeChat, Weibo, and Little Red Book Official Account verification and creation.

Our professional content creators have the best understanding of the Chinese audience in North America and strong experience in managing official accounts for different brands or businesses. They create impactful and engaging content to deliver brand values and important product information to achieve optimal content marketing effects.

Enter the World's Fastest Growing Consumer Market

China has the most Internet users in the world today, creating many digital touchpoints for brands to use as marketing channels. It is also a complex and diverse consumer market, so it is very important to tailor your marketing strategies to local preferences.
With our expertise in Chinese Marketing, we help North American companies launch winning digital strategies in China. Traveling beyond the Great Firewall and navigating through China’s regulated media landscape, we help our clients maximize reach and impact.
At Eastward Media, we make it easier for organizations to scale business growth into the China market. Our advisory team works closely with our clients to align business objectives with China market regulations.


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