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Connect to Chinese Consumers from an environmental approach – Learnings from Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023 holds immense significance for brands and consumers alike. As the paramount global environmental event, Earth Day serves as a crucial platform to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding our planet and to motivate individuals to take proactive measures. Particularly for a nation like China, with its vast population and expansive consumer market, Earth Day assumes an even greater significance.

First, let’s understand the background of World Earth Day. In April 22, 1970, the American media tycoon, Eugene Korach, proposed to establish a global environmental festival to promote environmentalism. Thus, the first World Earth Day was launched in the United States. Today, Earth Day has become a global event, aimed at arousing people’s attention to environmental protection and strengthening people’s environmental actions.

As an international event, World Earth Day has many activities. For example, the organizers publicly call on people to participate in garbage cleaning activities, initiate environmental theme activities and speeches, and promote the development of environmental technology and green economy. For brands which wants to target Chinese consumers, Earth Day is also a great opportunity. Many brands participate in Earth Day activities in various ways to express their environmental attitudes.

For example, Coca-Cola China participated in Earth Day activities through an activity called “Earth Day Bottle”. They launched a special Coke bottle with environmental slogans printed on it. This bottle can not only be reused, but also uses recycled materials in the production process, effectively reducing the burden on the environment. 

In addition, Coca-Cola also collaborates with local environmental organizations to support environmental activities and community service. Through these actions, Coca-Cola embodies their commitment to environmental protection.

2023 is the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day, with the global theme “Invest In Our Planet” and the Chinese theme “Earth Life Community”. We will adhere to the concept of sustainable development, creating environmental public welfare value, social value and economic value while protecting the Earth’s environment.

With the increase of population and the rapid development of the economy, environmental pollution and resource waste have become urgent problems that need to be solved. Brands can promote sustainable development in various ways, including improving the design and production of products, strengthening environmental promotion and marketing, participating in environmental activities, and so on. Consumers should also actively participate in environmental actions, such as purchasing environmental products, reducing waste, participating in environmental activities, etc., and work together to make contributions to the environmental cause.

1. Packaging Reuse

Image: Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder collaborates with the seventh-generation Little Brown Bottle to launch the “Little Brown Bottle Recycling and Transformation Program.” Leveraging the recyclable glass material and the reusable nature of the Little Brown Bottle, Estée Lauder invites users to unleash their creative inspiration and transform empty bottles into flower vases, fragrance diffusers, and exclusive limited-edition artistic bottles. This initiative allows the Little Brown Bottle to assume a new role and continue to shine, fostering a shared commitment to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

2. Product transparency and traceability

According to a report by NIQ, a consumer research and retail monitoring service, 78% of respondents agreed that companies should show full supply chain transparency. The development of conscious consumers has led to more thoughtful customers who question their purchases and demand transparent and honest communication from all brands.

Image: Biotherm

Biotherm, a French beauty brand, created a new labeling system that shows how much pollution a product causes during its production and distribution. Consumers can use this system to see the environmental and social impact of the product. Biotherm launched this initiative at a consumer products expo in Hainan, China.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility

Discovery Channel, in collaboration with Yili and Tencent Music Entertainment, has launched the “Earth Boxmate” program, urging users to start with a small act of recycling by simply disposing of milk cartons. By taking this simple step, individuals contribute to a low-carbon lifestyle and ecological conservation. As consumers, we play a role in the Earth’s ecosystem, and through this initiative, we actively give back to nature, promoting a harmonious coexistence between humans and the environment, fostering a cycle of renewal and perpetual vitality.

Image: Discovery x 伊利

In short, Earth Day is an important moment for brands and Chinese consumers. Brands can demonstrate their environmental attitudes and values and build brand affinity through Chinese In-Language marketing initiatives and create strong connections with the Chinese consumers by participating in Earth Day activities. Chinese consumers are also more eager to participate in environmental actions and make the earth a better place if they like these brands. 

Environmental approach might be a good idea for your next Chinese campaign.