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Maximizing Brand Impact on Queen’s Day: A Strategic Guide for Engaging Chinese Consumers

Unveiling the Significance of Queen's Day in China's Market Dynamics

March 8th is internationally celebrated as Women’s Day, but in China, it is known by a more distinguished name: “Queen’s Day.” Accompanying the rise in income and social influence, Chinese women have increasingly prioritized self-care and self-awareness. Consequently, China’s “she economy” has experienced significant growth, positioning women as the main drivers of consumer spending. Queen’s Day serves as an annual opportunity for numerous brands and products targeting female consumers to promote themselves. This event allows them to forge a connection between their brand values and the concept of women’s empowerment, thereby gaining recognition from their intended audience. Queen’s Day resonates not only with women in China but is a significant occasion for all. Men participate by acknowledging the contributions of women to both family and society, often expressing their appreciation with gifts and by providing women with the “Queen’s treatment.”

Brands involved in Queen’s Day campaigns typically employ engaging marketing strategies to spur sales or enhance brand awareness. These include endorsements by iconic female celebrities, visually striking advertisements, influencer collaborations, and exclusive discounts. Notably, one of the largest e-commerce platforms, Taobao, has managed to attract up to 70 million viewers and achieve 2.8 billion RMB in sales during this event, as recorded in 2021. Douyin, an emergent live-streaming e-commerce platform, also gained significant exposure and high sales figures during the Queen’s Day campaign 2021 (Source: JingDaily, 2023).

Source: JingDaily, 2023

Strategies for Brands to Optimize Market Engagement on Queen's Day

To engage the full spectrum of the female market, brands craft narratives that reflect the diverse values, ages, roles, and lifestyles of women. Queen’s Day campaigns that resonate with younger demographics often focus on themes of self-care, body positivity, natural beauty, and self-assurance, positioning brands as advocates of women’s rights and aligning with the psychological needs of their consumers.

For mothers and wives, the emphasis shifts towards thoughtful gifting and the creation of special experiences for women. Strategies such as offering “husband-exclusive” discounts are deployed to encourage men to acknowledge and celebrate the pivotal role of women in their families.

As society evolves, the segment of career-focused and independent women has grown significantly. These consumers, often characterized by higher incomes and levels of education, show a propensity to invest in products that enhance their quality of life. Luxury goods, high-end fashion, and health and wellness products, underpinned by effective marketing strategies, tend to appeal to this demographic.

There are many more women and feminism-related topics that brands can explore and experiment with. The overarching message communicated on Queen’s Day is one of empowerment: encouraging women to “be your own queen,” while inspiring men and husbands to “treat women like a queen.”

Exploring Past Queen's Day Campaigns

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, major Chinese e-commerce platforms such as JD, Temu, and Tmall have utilized a range of promotional tactics, including the provision of discount codes, the hosting of celebrity live streams, and the offering of exclusive Queen’s Day limited packages, to market a variety of products.

image 6
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Source: WinShang,2020

Emerging brands seized Queen’s Day as an occasion to enhance brand visibility and forge a resonant connection with the female consumer base. For instance, XiaoXianDun, a brand specializing in eatable wellness and beauty-enhanced products, capitalized on the event’s campaign to generate sales exceeding 100 million YuanSource:, 2020. This remarkable success illustrates the potential of Queen’s Day as a platform for new brands to gain a foothold in the competitive women’s market.

Source:, 2020

The transportation industry and automobile brands have adeptly aligned their marketing efforts with the spirit of Queen’s Day, underscoring themes of safety, care, and empowerment for women. Shenzhou, a transportation service in China comparable to Uber, has advertised its commitment to women’s safety, thereby cultivating a reputation as a brand that values female customers. Similarly, automobile manufacturers like Subaru have integrated themes of feminist strength, career ambition, and independence into their branding narratives, resonating with and earning the favour of the female demographic. These thematic connections not only enhance brand perception but also drive market engagement among women on Queen’s Day.

Source: Jiemian, 2017

Sportswear brands like Nike, have successfully integrated their slogans— “Just Do It”—with the concept of female empowerment. By highlighting women athletes who push the boundaries of their capabilities and embody the belief that women can achieve anything, these brands have crafted narratives that resonate deeply. This approach has proven effective in appealing to the vibrant, active, and independent segment of young Chinese women, creating a strong brand affiliation based on shared values and aspirations.Source: Digitaling, 2019)

Source: Digitaling2019

Solutions for Brands in North America to Target Chinese Consumers

In North America, the demographics of Chinese women typically skew younger, with many occupying higher incomes and possessing greater spending power. Their independence and career-oriented mindset characterize them. Many shows interest in fashion, jewelry, and beauty trends, while others are drawn to outdoor activities, well-being, travel, etc.

Eastward Media is well-positioned to help your brand effectively target the right consumer segment. Utilizing popular and trusted platforms among Chinese consumers, such as WeChat and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), we deliver your message directly to your target audience. Moreover, our strategic use of programmatic advertising on websites and media platforms frequently visited by Chinese individuals in North America ensures that your brand reaches a relevant audience beyond the reach of standard marketing tactics.

As Queen’s Day approaches on March 8, brands are competing for attention with special offers. This occasion presents a prime opportunity to amplify your brand’s presence in the North American Chinese market. We invite you to consult with our knowledgeable team, which could offer optimal solutions for your brand’s unique needs.

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