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2023 Xiaohongshu Annual Lifestyle Trends | Embracing Real Life

Xiaohongshu (or Little Red Book) is an important part of the development of Chinese pop culture, which gathers the aspirations of young people towards a better life and has become one of the important representatives of trend culture. Latest reports show that over 69% of users on the platform are under 35 years old (Statista, 2022). 

Through Xiaohongshu, young people can find inspiration, obtain information, share experiences, and showcase themselves, thereby influencing and changing their own lifestyles. 

Click here for a 3-minute introductory video of Xiaohongshu for marketers.

1. The Fashion Trends brought by Xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu is a social platform centered around topics such as fashion, beauty, health, travel, and food, and it continuously leads the development of trends through user sharing and recommendations. The platform offers diverse and rich content, showcasing the fusion and innovation of various fashion elements, such as trendy outfits, personalized makeup looks, and retro styles. The constant changes and evolution of these fashion elements not only affect users’ aesthetic concepts but also promote the development of the fashion industry. 

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2. Xiaohongshu Influences Chinese Millennials and Gen Z consumers Behaviors

Xiaohongshu is not only a fashion social platform, but also a “shopping guide expert” in the minds of consumers. Through Xiaohongshu, users can access genuine evaluations and user experiences of various products, understand the cost-effectiveness and advantages and disadvantages of products, and make more rational purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, many internet celebrities, KOLs, and bloggers have emerged onto Xiaohongshu, and influence users’ consumption concepts and behaviors through recommending products and building personal brands. Even Taobao merchants use the label “Xiaohongshu Same Style” to increase buying intent, which is enough to prove the platform’s ability to drive sales.

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3. Xiaohongshu Promotes Young People's Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is another important topic on Xiaohongshu. The platform offers content related to healthy eating, fitness, as well as topics related to psychological adjustment and emotional sharing. These contents attract many users, encouraging young people to pay more attention to their physical and mental health. Through sharing and communication on Xiaohongshu, young people learn more about health knowledge and life skills, change their bad habits, and improve their self-management abilities.

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4. Xiaohongshu Encourages Young People's Creativity

Xiaohongshu is also a platform that encourages creativity and sharing. Users can showcase their talents and creativity through publishing articles, uploading images, and posting videos. Many users have gained recognition and support on Xiaohongshu, which has stimulated them to participate more actively.

From this we can see that we cannot separate Xiaohongshu from Chinese popular culture and the lives of young people today, as it has become an important part of their lives.

《2023小红书年度生活趋势》 2023 Xiaohongshu Annual Lifestyle Trends

Recently, Xiaohongshu in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released a report titled “2023 Xiaohongshu Annual Lifestyle Trends”. The report is based on data from Xiaohongshu’s platform, as well as input from experts, industry professionals, and young people, summarizing the current state and trends of young people’s lifestyles, analyzing potential changes that may occur in the next year. This report not only serves as a guide to young people’s lifestyles but also provides valuable insights for life and business decision-making.

Xiaohongshu has become a cultural index for young people, and in 2023, what are the things that these young people are passionate about? What are their lifestyles like? These questions not only impact young people’s experiences in the coming year but also have a profound influence on marketing strategies for brands.

1. 【近邻升温】 Neighborhood Warming

The number of notes related to “近邻升温” has increased by 213% compared to last year. In the community, there is a growing sense of mutual assistance and warmth between people. Community small shops, such as bakeries and coffee shops, are thriving and becoming “mini third spaces” for daily communication among people. What is the impact of this trend resonating through interpersonal communication? I believe it will bring about the growth of more personalized offline small shops.

2. 【吃地道风味】 Eating Authentic Local Flavors

The number of notes related to “吃地道风味” has increased by 227% compared to last year. More and more people hope to taste local specialty food and experience the most authentic local customs. Young people are beginning to pursue more unique and individualized shops, seeking those that truly have a soul. Therefore, those shops with extremely personalized styles, such as old and small shops, will continue to rise. These shops do not need too much marketing, as young people will come to find them on their own.

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3. 【出个远门】 Take a Trip

On Xiaohongshu, the number of posts related to “出个远门” has increased by 193% compared to last year. People have saved their three-year travel plans during COVID, and traveling has become everyone’s most anticipated activity for 2023. With the COVID-19 pandemic under control, the tourism industry will experience a rapid rebound, and people are once again enthusiastic about exploring new places. In this rebound, travel bloggers will make a strong comeback and bring more exciting travel experiences. 

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4. 【轻解压】 Light Destress

The number of notes related to “轻解压” on Xiaohongshu has increased by 303% compared to the previous year. The sources of stress for young people have become more fragmented, and serious decompression methods are no longer enough to meet their needs. People are now seeking burden-free and light methods of decompression, such as watching decompression videos, participating in decompression projects, and buying decompression toys.

5. 【简法生活】 Simplified Living

Do you remember the term “断舍离” (decluttering) that was popular years ago? At that time, it was already destined that simplified living would become an inevitable trend. However, the sudden outbreak of the pandemic and economic downturn has accelerated the rapid transformation of minimalism.

In the context of infinite material but limited income, people’s consumption attitudes have become more rational, pursuing practicality, clear goals, and simplification. The number of notes related to “简法生活” on Xiaohongshu has increased by 242% compared to the previous year. Young people are no longer the type who will order a product simply. Therefore, Xiaohongshu’s focus on rational consumption will further strengthen its position in young people’s consumption decision-making.

Behind the trends in lifestyle are changes in life philosophy. Today’s Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) is becoming a more socially relevant platform. People use Xiaohongshu to record their daily lives, also to make important life decisions such as education, marriage, and home-buying. While an individual’s daily life may seem ordinary, when these experiences are aggregated on Xiaohongshu, they become major trends in lifestyle. “Investing in real life” is a summary of these trends! 

Businesses can no longer view this era through the lens of outdated marketing practices, because the world is changing. Therefore, understanding the trends and preferences of young people is crucial to meeting their needs and developing more targeted marketing strategies. And the social content creators for your brand should not only know how to resonate with the audiences on the platform through the right story approach. They should also know how to strategically apply keywords and hashtags connected to these trends to make your content more searchable and maximize reach through the platform algorithm.