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Insights into the Chinese Consumer, Canada (2019)

The Chinese consumer is an increasingly important target audience for marketers in Canada. But although they account for $61 billion in consumer spending, there has been little research into the mindset and behaviors of Chinese consumers who live, work, and learn in Canada.

That is, until Vivintel’s new study titled ‘Insights into the Chinese Consumer.’ Surveying over 2,500 respondents in Vancouver and Toronto who identify as being of Chinese origin, this study presents deep insights into attitudes towards shopping, advertising, finances, automotive and real estate ownership, travel, and media usage.

The sample is also accurately representative of the Chinese consumer market in Canada, a group comprised of individuals holding Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, temporary visas, and work or study permits.

Highlights of the Vivintel Chinese Consumer study include:

  1. 83% of the Chinese population in Vancouver and Toronto were not born in Canada. Their lengths of residence shape how they shop, perceive advertising, and consume media.
  2. 53% of Chinese consumers report that they pay more attention to advertising in their own language.
  3. Chinese consumers feel more strongly that advertising keeps them up-to-date on new products and services, compared to the general population.

The complete study can ordered from Vivintel, the custom research arm of Vividata, here.

Reach Chinese Consumers in Canada with Eastward Media

Eastward Media is an agency partner helping media buyers reach Chinese consumers in Canada through their favorite Chinese websites, mobile apps, and video streaming platforms. These Chinese sites can constitute up to 85% of a Chinese consumer’s online time, but media buyers are not able to access Chinese ad inventories through trade desks.

Sites like YouKu, TuDou and iQIYI – Chinese equivalents to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu – has massive audiences in Canada, but their ad inventory isn’t accessible to most agencies.

Content Preferences Chinese Consumer


Content Preferences of Chinese Consumer in North America

This is because these Chinese websites are disconnected from programmatic marketplaces and Google or Facebook networks due to censorship regulations from Chinese publishers.

Eastward Media is an approved programmatic guaranteed vendor, and our DSP-DMP exclusively buys premium Chinese ad inventory to reach Chinese consumer audiences in Canada. With over 100 million impressions guaranteed each month, we have the largest display and video ad network in North America.

To learn more, schedule a demo to explore our DSP capabilities and audience segments.

Interested in learning more about Eastward Media and our programmatic guaranteed solutions to reach Chinese audiences in Canada? Get in touch today.

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