Father's Day: Another Golden Opportunity to Target Chinese Consumers in North America For Auto Brands

Father’s Day is a time to honour the men who have shaped our lives with their wisdom, love, and strength. It’s a day dedicated to celebrating our father figures and all the incredible moments we’ve shared with them. 

For businesses, Father’s Day presents a golden opportunity to connect with customers on a sentimental level, driving engagement and boosting sales. As reported by Caddle in their 2023 Father’s Day shopping survey, “about 2 in 3 Canadians celebrate Father’s Day”. This day allows brands to target a specific demographic – fathers and families. Tailoring your campaigns to this audience ensures your message is relevant and impactful. Whether through social media, email marketing, or in-store promotions, focused messaging can significantly enhance your marketing efforts bringing brand awareness to your company. 

People are often willing to spend more on gifts that express their appreciation for their dads. From luxury items to personalized gifts, Father’s Day causes a spike in consumer spending.  According to the Father’s Day 2023 Holiday Shopping in Canada Survey, “almost 64% of Canadians make Father’s Day purchases” with 50% of Canadians dedicating a shopping trip to find the best gifts. This presents a worthwhile opportunity for brands to showcase their products and services as the perfect gifts for dads.

“[Father’s Day] has become a Second Christmas for all the men’s gift-oriented industries.”

An often overlooked but significant segment of the market during Father’s Day is the Chinese community in North America. This group not only celebrates Father’s Day on the same day as all other Canadians on the third Sunday of June, but also places a high value on family and gift-giving traditions, making it a prime target for businesses.

Chinese Auto Ad Campaigns for Father's Day

Cars have always had a special appeal to dads, making them an excellent focal point for Father’s Day advertising campaigns. This appeal is believed to have stemmed from a blend of cultural significance, practical benefits, and emotional connections that cars often represent for men and also subtly influenced by their fathers (sohu.com). Auto campaigns can be particularly effective in reaching Chinese consumers by highlighting themes that resonate with their cultural values and lifestyle preferences.


“I have been obsessed with the feeling of ‘drifting’ since I was young and have never had enough of it. I want to thank my father for giving me the first driving experience of my life. Happy Father’s day!”

This BMW advertisement effectively targets the Chinese father’s day market  by using a family-centric message to connect with its audiences on an emotional level. The ad implies that BMW cars are part of the memorable moments of people’s lives, suggesting that the brand is a reliable choice for fathers who prioritize their family’s happiness and safety. It not only celebrates fathers but also positions BMW as a brand that understands and values its diverse customers   

“A child’s attachment to their father is also a reflection of a father’s love”.

Honda’s Chinese ad is another good example of how car campaigns can effectively target the market for Chinese fathers. The ad implies that owning a Honda is a part of a successful, responsible lifestyle, aligning with the aspirations of many Chinese consumers. Furthermore, the text highlights the protective nature of fathers, it aligns the car’s features with a father’s desire to keep his family safe. The urban backdrop suggests that the vehicle is suitable for modern, city-dwelling families, addressing practical needs such as commuting and family outings.

“His silent words express the warmest affection. Visit us on Father’s Day and enjoy delightful benefits”.

Toyota’s Chinese ad shows a father and child enjoying a moment together, with the sun setting in the background, symbolizing warmth and love. It depicts and everyday, relatable scene of a family outing suggesting that owning a Toyota contributes to family well-being and happiness.The text conveys the message of a father’s role in protecting and providing care for the family.This resonates strongly with Chinese cultural values of family unity and the importance of father-child relationships. 

Key Takeaways from the Chinese Auto Ad Campaigns

By connecting with consumers on a personal level auto brands such as BMW, Honda, and Toyota, have created effective and impactful Father’s day advertisements that resonate deeply with the Chinese demographic. These ads embody key Chinese cultural values, such as filial piety, well-being, practicality, and having a success life communicated through culturally relevant illustrations and language. Recognizing and targeting the untapped Chinese consumer segment in North America can open new avenues for your business to grow. Engaging this segment through strategic messaging channels like social media and community events can also further enhance the reach and impact of these campaigns.

Reaching Chinese Consumers in North America

In the Chinese culture, filial piety and respect for parents are deeply ingrained values along with gift-giving during special occasions. Father’s Day presents an opportunity for Chinese consumers to honour these traditions. Understanding the cultural nuances and preferences of Chinese consumers can significantly enhance your Father’s Day marketing efforts. This demographic, with its strong family values and significant purchasing power, represents an untapped opportunity for businesses to target. 

Utilize popular Chinese social media platforms to reach this demographic effectively. WeChat, Weibo and Little Red Book can be powerful tools for engaging with Chinese consumers, offering promotions, and sharing  content to elevate brand awareness.

Eastward Media is well-positioned to help your brand effectively target the right consumer segment. Utilizing popular and trusted platforms among Chinese consumers, such as WeChat and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), we deliver your message directly to your target audience. Moreover, our strategic use of programmatic advertising on websites and media platforms frequently visited by Chinese individuals in North America ensures that your brand reaches a relevant audience beyond the reach of standard marketing tactics.

This Father’s Day, let’s pay tribute to the fathers who drive us forward, both in life and on the road. Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there!